Dreaming of Tsunami Rising Water

To dream of a landslide or tsunami:A landslide or tsunami, is a symbol of ups and downs or crisis.To dream of a tsunami signifies a fluctuating life.A pregnant person dre... Read more

What does credit crisis stand for

If you dream of a credit crisis while traveling:You are advised to go out smoothly, but be careful of thieves.People dreaming of a credit crisis represent ups and downs. ... Read more

Dreams about yourself in crisis

A traveler dreaming of being in crisis is advised not to go out. Postponement.For a businessman to dream of being in a crisis:Represents that although progress is slow, t... Read more

Dream:Elderly body crisis

People in love dreaming of an old man's body crisis:Suggesting that grasping the timing of the marriage proposal will be fruitful, marriage can be accomplished.People who... Read more

What does crisis mean?

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Dreaming of the First Dollar Crisis

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What does defuse crisis stand for

A pregnant woman dreaming of resolving a crisis predicts the birth of a male child; be careful with your diet and avoid moving earth.For a businessman to dream of resolvi... Read more

Dreaming of a dark night in crisis

Pregnant people dream of a dark night with four crises:Giving birth to a boy, summer occupation, giving birth to a girl. Go less to the south.The person who dreamed of se... Read more