Dreaming of opening a birth certificate for my daughter

A pregnant woman dreaming of opening her daughter's birth certificate foretells the birth of a daughter; be careful at the water's edge and guard against miscarriage.

People in business dreamed of opening a birth certificate for their daughter:Representing a lot of uncertainty and loss, think of ways to reorganize.

People in love dreamed of going to open a birth certificate for their daughter:Indicating that heart to heart, mutual respect and mutual trust, marriage can be accomplished.

People dreaming of going to open birth certificate for daughter:Means having wealth and profit, real estate investment is favorable, smooth.

Dream see go for daughter open birth certificate:According to Zhouyi five elements analysis, lucky color is purple, wealth in the northwest direction, peach blossom bit in the west direction, lucky number is 2, lucky food is chicken soup.

Travelers dreaming of losing their daughter's ID card:It is recommended to stop when encountering water and delay the departure.

People dreaming of seeing their ex-in-laws and daughter at my birthplace in their current year of life means that their luck is not good:Fewer changes are better, and less talk is better to avoid disaster.

A pregnant woman dreaming of yellow flowers suddenly blooming on a hill predicts the birth of a boy. To give birth to a daughter in June or July:To delay the birth, and to be safe.

Pregnant people dreaming of their daughters coming to work:Foretelling the birth of a boy, postponing the birth of a baby.

People dreaming of medical birth certificates in this year of life:Means that the feng shui of the yang house is not good, affecting bad luck, all things are difficult.

This year's people dream that I and my mother two go to the photo ID card:Worry about family matters, handle things with majesty confidence, will be able to go smoothly.

Going to school dreamed of being driven out of the company:Means smooth admission, suitable for the central district test site is good.

Pregnant person dreamed of wanting to invest can't find ID card:Foretells the birth of a male, postpones the birth of the maternity period.

Pregnant person dreamed of seeing her daughter's hair cut:Predicting birth of a male, postponing birth.

People dreaming of the year of life see beautiful daughter in the joint certificate disease:Means mood is not stable, failed to meditate down, the south less go for the best.

A dream of a businessman seeing his beautiful daughter suffering from a disease means that he has confidence in his ability to gain wealth:But he should pay attention to fire.

Pregnant people dreaming of ID card broken:Foretelling the birth of a male, delayed labor birth.

People dreaming of taking their unborn daughter to play in the current year of life:Means being loyal to people, smooth and favorable, keeping things in the old ways is good.

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